dont_forget_me is a narrative investigation game where you explore your clients' memories using keywords in order to protect their freedom. In this cyberpunk world, everyone's memories are at the heart of government conspiracies that only you will be able to foil.


Don't Forget Me (formerly dont_forget_me) was born from a desire to create a video game from nothing, without knowledge or study, while conveying strong emotions. Robin started creating the game out of passion and lack of work. He was quickly joined by Mélanie and Guillaume, conquered by the universe presented, the possibilities offered by it and the challenge. At first a simple test prototype, the gripping story, the efficient gameplay, the captivating music and the sumptuous graphics convinced the players. Since then, the game has surrounded itself with competent people to bring the project to the end and offer a strong experience that meets the expectations. The game is still under development.


  • An original system of text puzzles
  • Interactive dialogues that influence the history
  • The ability to explore your patients' memories in an evolutionary way.
  • Many secrets to be discovered while searching the decorations to learn more about the universe
  • A dark world that will test your ethics
  • A striking soundtrack, a mix of black-jazz and synthwave
  • Twitch integration so your viewers can suggest words
  • Inspired by Her Story and The Red Strings Club


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Don't Forget Me Credits

Robin 'Biggs' FAU
Game Design, Narrative Design
Mélanie POURIN
Pixel Artist, Environement
Guillaume THOMAS
Pixel Artist, Character Design, Animation
Benjamin HUET
Aurélien MONTERO
Sound design, Music